seiko QR-6560 time recorders high volume use for 25 to 100 staff or less with 6 columns print out and signal relay for siren-bell output at lunch breaks. time clocks, bundy clocks, digital, recorder, amano, simplex, sirens, bells, cardracks, cards, human resources. Payroll

"NEW" SEIKO QR-6560 Time recorder $671.
Basic pkge NEW QR-6560, 400 Time cards, 20 position card rack, GST and Post Satchel delivery $704.
AlltimeTM MP-280 timecards. 6 columns. Siren/bell relay.
seiko QR-900 bell relayFantastic Pkge $770
Includes GST 150mm Bell 400 Timecards, Rack 20 rack delivery
Add $33 for 105 Siren
built for high volume

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    seiko QR-6560

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    sirens and bells.

Purchase from this spaceFEATURES: Back Lite LCD Display for nights.

Designed for normal volume use. 15 to 50 employees.

6 column Manual or fully auto seiko QR-6560 time recorder.

Program for 3 IN's and 3 OUT's a day. 

Automatic feed and automatic eject of timecard.

Pay periods: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly.

colour printing seiko QR-6560 with 5 years memory back-up.

Signal Relay output for external bells or sirens.

Automatic daylight saving time.  Time memory capability.

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seiko QR-6560 demands indisputable evidence that the individual was on duty at the time of injury. seiko QR-6500. These and similar benefits for employees are predicated in the final analysis on accurate records of time and attendance. Employers who have for years considered time clock payroll records indispensable for their internal accounting are today finding such records of inestimable value in furnishing state and federal agencies the records and reports that have become mandatory as the result of social security legislation. seiko QR-6560. Federal and State employment insurances are computed on the basis of payroll figures. The minimum wage and maximum hour laws make it mandatory that the employer have accurate, indisputable records of hours worked and wages paid for proof of compliance. Save your time and money, now. Bonuses for prompt attendance obviously in demand. Impartial seiko QR-6500 and impersonal decisions regarding the punctuality or tardiness of those eligible to participate. The payment of compensation for time lost because of injuries suffered in the line of duty demands indisputable evidence that the individual was on duty at the time of the injury. What can be more accurate than records made by the employee himself when he mechanically records his time of arrival and departure by using a seiko QR-6560. The problems of fellow workers or buddies punching in for another employee are greatly reduced. When the employees are informed that it is fraud to say one has punched in, when in fact someone else has done it. It also shows up as the same two people punching in within seconds and there is always someone around that noticed that they did not arrive together and this alone cause enough doubt. More so when the employer who notices that these punches are regularly together and brings it to the attention of the employee that an eye is being kept on them to check that buddy punching is not happening. These actions are usually quite enough to stamp out these practices. Federal and State employment insurance are computed on the basis of payroll figures
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